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Karate American Demo Team
Karate American has created a great opportunity for all students to demonstrate their skills. The Demonstration Team goes to events like parades, county fairs and schools to showcase martial arts.
Read more about the Karate American Demo Team.

Team Karate American
Karate American has a special team designed for students looking to sharpen their skills through competition. All students who are interested in competing in our inter-school tournaments are eligible to apply for membership.
Read more about the Team Karate American.

Karate American Team Scream
Team Scream was created in 2001 as Karate American's top-notch competition team to create the best of the best. This team is about dedication, hard work, and proper attitude. Each Team Scream member must be willing to put in the extra effort and time it takes to improve one's self.
Read more about the Karate American Team Scream.


Karate American has many skilled instructors of varying ages who that all have spent years perfecting their skills and now help others do the same.
See and read more about the instructors at Karate American.


Karate Tiny Dragons Program
The Karate American Tiny Dragons program helps children, learn to develop communication and discipline skills through fun activities involving colors, numbers and self defense techniques.
Learn more about the Tiny Dragons Program.

Karate Little Dragons Program
The Karate American Little Dragons program is a designed system of self-defense using all parts of the body in a fun way for young children helping them with balance, coordination, listening skills, discipline, and respect.
Learn more about the Little Dragons Program.

Karate Kids Program
The Karate American kids program will teach your child respect for others, respect for themselves, self-confidence and, most importantly, self-discipline. This designed system of self-defense uses all parts of the body in a fun way for young children to help them improve their balance and coordination.
Learn more about the Kids Program.

Karate Adult & Teen Program
The Karate American adult & teen program teaches use of all parts of the body in a way to help with balance, coordination, discipline, respect, goal setting, confidence, awareness of surroundings and overall fitness.
Learn more about the Karate Adult & Teen Program.

Tae Kwon Do Kids, Teens & Adults Program
Tae Kwon Do at Karate American is an excellent way to stay fit and have fun while learning useful self-defense and life skills. Our instructors are not only well trained in the martial arts, but well trained as teachers as well.
Learn more about the Tae Kwon Do Kids, Teens & Adults Program.

Aikido Teens & Adults Program
Aikido is taught at Karate American by Mr. Robert Peck. Aikido does not focus on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them or to throw them away from you. Rather, students focus on using their own energy to gain control of the situation or to throw opponents away from them.
Learn more about the Aikido Teens & Adults Program.

Judo/Jujitsu Kids, Teens & Adults Program
Karate America's Judo-Jujitsu Program is through the the instruction of Master Roy L. Gay and the United States Judo Association.
Learn more about the Judo/Jujitsu Kids, Teens & Adults Program.

Shorei Karate Teens & Adults Program
Karate America's Shorei Ryu Karate program is through the instruction of Master Bob Lee, fifth degree Black Belt Instructor.
Learn more about the Shorei Teens & Adults Program.

Promo Video

View a clip from a Karate American promotional video. Learn more about what we offer and see actual students in action!
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