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Okinawa Shorei
Karate Program

A true hardcore empty hand style for older teenagers and adults.

The beauty of Okinawa Shorei Karate is the true traditionally enriched techniques. In addition to learning this style of punching, kicking, and traditional forms, you will find the self-defense to be most affective and trained with real contact. The program stays true to the ideals of Honor, Respect, and Discipline. You will find this to be the hardest style in the Chippewa Valley.

Karate America's Traditional Okinawa Shorei Karate program is through the impeccable instruction of Master Bob Lee, 5th Black Belt.

Shorei Ryu Karate Belt Breakdown

   –  Beginners start out with the basic
       belts which are the white and yellow.
   –  Intermediate students wear the
       green belt.
   –  When a student achieves an
       advanced level of skill, they wear the
       brown and brown stripe belts.
   –  Only when a student achieves a high
       level of skill, does he/she wear the
       black belt.


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