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Karate – Tiny Dragons Program

This program is for children 3 years old.

The Tiny Dragons program is very similar to the Little Dragons program but it is structured toward the growing mind. In the TIny Dragons program, children learn to develop communication and discipline skills through fun activities involving colors, numbers and self defense techniques.

Help them develop.

 The emphasis of the Tiny Dragons program is on establishing
    discipline and courtesy in the child. The structure of respect
    is built into Karate instruction.

 The Tiny Dragons program builds confidence and character
    by providing the child with control over his/her body and the
    ability to stand up to intimidating situations.

 The movements of Karate develop coordination and
    increased strength and flexibility, which are very
    important during the growing years.

 Karate American's Tiny Dragon program has a unique belt
    system. It's designed to keep the child progressing. The
    awarding of the different belts gives each child a sense
    of achievement and accomplishment. Tips are awarded on
    the belt as progress is seen between levels. Training for tests     and passing them, enhances a child's ability to concentrate
    and triumph over obstacles in their lives.

 It is important that children learn respect and responsibility for
    the skills they are learning. At Karate American, we are
    careful to teach children that Karate is not to be used outside
    of class in any manner other than in true self-defense. The
    result is a self-confident child, who does not need to bully
    or show off to other children.

 Karate is good, clean fun for kids - a great way to burn off
    extra energy. If you have any questions, feel free to call.     We believe strongly in the value of our program for all
    ages - especially for the young, who have the ability to gain
    many benefits from karate for the rest of their lives.

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