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Adult & Teen Program

Karate - Adult & Teen Program

This program is for teens and adults.

The adult program teaches use of all parts of the body in a way to help with balance, coordination, discipline, respect, goal setting, confidence, being on time, focus, balance, character building, staying active and out of trouble, team work, communication skills, anger management, weight loss, awareness of surroundings and overall fitness.

Martial arts teaches self-defense.

Hopefully you'll never have use them, but we will give you the skills to be able to defend yourself if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Self-defense training develops confidence and readiness for any situation. You will learn simple, yet effective strategies to remove yourself from danger.

Martial arts helps you lose weight.

A martial arts workout is a great all-body workout. Every muscle will feel it, and you'll attain new strength and a renewed energy. You will consumer fewer calories and lose weight because your appetite will decrease. You'll feel better and look better too! Remember, a martial arts workout is something that you do at your own pace. Take your time and feel great in the process.

Martial arts helps you relax.

Everyone needs a break and you're no different. A martial arts workout at Karate American will give you a chance to get away from it all. All you have to think about is the workout and the 'feel good' feeling you get after a great workout. You'll face all of your challenges with new energy and effectiveness.

Martial arts improves attitude and self-confidence.

Martial arts training develops a person's ability to accept challenge. At Karate American, we'll constantly raise the bar for you. Your attitude determines your altitude. As your fitness level and your ability to execute the movements improve, so will your self-confidence. You'll willingly accept new challenges in the martial arts classroom; and also at work, home, and other areas of your life.

Martial arts improves your health.

The adult program from Karate American can help you:
 Feel healthier
 Sleep better
 Think clearer at work and home
 Have more energy

Karate Belt System Breakdown

   –  Beginners start out with the basic belts which are
       the white, gold, and orange belts.

   –  Intermediate students wear the green, purple,
       and purple stripe belts.

   –  When a student achieves an advanced level
       of skill, they wear the blue, blue stripe, red,
       red stripe, brown, and brown stripe belts.

   –  Only when a student achieves a high level
       of skill, does he/she wear the black belt.


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